Fast Business Loans
Short Application, Quick Approvals, Fast Funding

“We Require No Collateral”

Up to $1,000,000 in 5-7 Business Days

Money/Loan Uses

  • Anything you want (no restrictions)
  • Expansion
  • Marketing
  • Business Capital

Who Qualifies

  • 500 FICO OK
  • Finalized Bankruptcies OK
  • Tax Liens OK
  • Bank Turndowns OK

Items Needed

3 months credit card statements

3 months bank statements

voided business check

signed application

photo ID

Funding the business loans that banks turn down

Providing business loans and merchant cash advances that allow a company working capital in an otherwise lenderless world. All we hear all day long is how banks are not lending business owners money. Our syndicated source of funds, with 3 partners across the nation, is one of the largest loan conduits in the nation for small busineses that have been turned down by the bank

…and with over 98% approval of all applicants.

So if for any reason, you have had trouble in the past with your credit, we will be there for you.

Non-traditional Funding (Private Money) that understands small-medium business periodic highs and lows in revenues. Payments will dynamically adjust to your variable revenues. No accumulating interest based on Annual Percentage Rates (APR). Your total repayment amount is fixed.

Yes. We’re different. We understand and cater to small and medium business needs.

Check out these examples of businesses we've helped.

Making America great again by supporting our small and medium businesses—the backbone of America.

Featured articles

graphic How Merchant Cash Advance Works

How Does Merchant Cash Advance Work?

Payment couldn’t be easier. Automatic small daily deductions from your future Visa and MasterCard sales or merchant’s bank account. You get the working capital you need to grow and expand NOW, and you still have the cash flow for current needs.

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photo woman in flower shop

Who Can Get a Merchant Cash Advance?

Business Owners that accept credit cards and/or cash and checks for a service or sales of merchandise. One of the fastest, easiest ways to get capital. Better than a traditional loan. No collateral required.

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photo man completing form

How to Submit an Application?

How to submit an application for business funding. Includes instructions and a list of documents required for a complete submission. The simple single page application form itself plus an instruction sheet may be requested by phone or email.

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graphic imagine business growth

What a Merchant Cash Advance Offers

Merchant Cash Advance offers provide funding through factoring future credit card sales, and business income. This is not a loan in 49 states but in California they are called loans.

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