photo couple in front of store

How Do Our Starter Programs Work?

Underwriting criteria for starter programs are much more lenient and are designed for those who have poor credit histories. Our Starter Programs are for Small-Medium Businesses (SMB) that do not …

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graphic How Merchant Cash Advance Works

How Does Merchant Cash Advance Work?

Payment couldn’t be easier. Automatic small daily deductions from your future Visa and MasterCard sales or merchant’s bank account. You get the working capital you need to grow and expand …

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How to Submit an Application?

How to submit an application for business funding. Includes instructions and a list of documents required for a complete submission. The simple single page application form itself plus an instruction …

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graphic Fast Business Loans Overview

About Fast Business Loans

Fast Business Loans was established to satisfy the lack of available financing for small-medium sized businesses. We’ll customize a program for each owner so it makes the most sense for …

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