How does a Merchant Cash Advance work, and what are the underwriting procedures?

Payment couldn’t be easier.

Payments are automatic small daily deductions from your future Visa and MasterCard sales or merchant’s bank account. graphic Payment Withholding Illustration

You get the working capital you need to grow and expand NOW, and you still have the cash flow for current needs.

Business Profile and Transactions
  • Minimum average of 8 to 10 batches or income related days per month
  • Minimum processing average of $2,500 per month
  • Business must have accepted credit cards for at least 3 months
    Been in business 6 months and provide 6 months banks statements or ACH withdrawals
  • No open bankruptcies or large, unresolved judgments or tax liens. (We may still fund these with a Starter Program.)

During the underwriting process we are required to fulfill certain obligations in order to approve each applicant. These procedures include but are not limited to:

  • Merchant interview
  • Landlord interview
  • Reference checks
  • Personal & business credit checks
  • Site inspections
  • UCC filing checks and confirmations