Who should apply to get a merchant cash advance?

Business Owners that accept credit cards and/or cash and checks for services or sales of merchandise.

This is one of the fastest, easiest ways to get risk-free capital. Better than a traditional loan. No collateral. Better than a life long partnership. This is not called a loan in 49 states, they are called Merchant Cash Advances. In California they are called loans.

No restrictions on use of proceeds.

Our solutions are ideal for small to medium size businesses who need cash to:

  • Meet payroll
  • Expand inventory
  • Improve facilities
  • Advertise
  • Pay taxes
  • Open a new location
  • Pay operating expenses
  • To buy out partnerships
  • Purchase/maintain delivery vehicles

Interested? See our article “How Does Merchant Cash Advance Work?” for details.

New businesses and new business types are regularly added to our portfolio.